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Background Information
This is hateful propaganda that attacks the current Prime Minister of Israel and claims that Donald Trump is a "Zionist puppet." The terms refers to someone who is being controlled by Israeli special and government interests.
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
This image links Donald Trump to Zionism. It was created by Smoloko, an anti-semitic hate site that addresses issues like the Illuminati central bank, covert operations and conspiracy theories.


  1. test
    Wed, 03/16/2016 - 02:27
    this is propaganda being created by someone who opposes trump and his ideas.although it is highlighting him as a jew some other issues such as apartheid and terrorism are also being addressed.most people consider these issues as dangerous (terrorism) and unfair (apartheid). As a result it makes me think he is not fit to be a president of a country that is supposed to be advocating for peace globally and the fact that it is stated as factual information emphasizes this point. ISrael flags are shown on the picture and considering the fact that relations have not been good with the USA, it suggests that trump might be behind the poor relations or even someone who is going to lead America to destruction.this is contrary to the message he gives
  1. test
    Benjamin Sbar
    Tue, 12/12/2017 - 00:43
    Benjamin Sbar
    This particular piece of propaganda is trying to persuade the audience to oppose Trump because of his support of Israel. The poster displays caricatures representing Jewish men as greedy by the way that they are holding their hands. The author uses strong language and attack opponents to catch the attention and gain a reaction. After further research to the authors website, I have found that the author Scottie Spencer runs his own "Independent News organization". The site contains many posts similar to this particular one which are all directed towards "the Jewish problem." I rated this piece of propaganda as harmful because of its highly hostile and opinionated view on Israel and the Jewish community without significant facts. A piece of propaganda such as this one becomes dangerous when spread through media reaching those who may be susceptible to persuasion of such strong content.

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