This is an image depicting a female doctor with a mask on. It includes text that says, “Help those on the frontlines, stay in stop the spread”.



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War Propaganda for Covid-19

Background Information
One of the most prominent examples of propaganda used today is the ones that were promoted during Covid. This was when quarantine was put into effect and masks must be worn when out in public. The artist behind these posters is named Sylvia Bueltel who found a lot of inspiration in propaganda posters during World War II. The posters were used to warn people to watch who they talk to since it could be a spy. Sylvia used that same mentality and how Covid could spread by seeing people. She used these examples to World War II propaganda posters to send a message to get people to understand the severity of Covid.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
It is touching on people’s fear of the pandemic and one the most effective ways to use propaganda is to incite fear. She uses certain wording and images of hospital workers who are the ones working hard to manage the pandemic. She is sending out messages to push people to stay home and quarantine in place for those who can’t. There is also the message to keep your distance from people to not spread Covid. These are messages she is sending to the public The images and wording are activated peoples emotions by sending out the message that if they follow the guidelines they are saving lives. It is incentivizing that they are important in making sure lives are saved and we are putting an end to Covid.


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