Educators prepare people for full participation in contemporary culture. The Media Education Lab is exploring the theme of propaganda because it is a ubiquitous feature of our daily lives.  As citizens of a global media landscape, the ability to recognize and resist propaganda is important. In helping build people’s critical thinking and communication skills, we seek to promote dialogue and discussion about what constitutes contemporary propaganda and how it may have positive, benign or negative impact on individuals and society. We respect the power of digital crowdsourcing, active interpretation, and reflection as a means to cultivate robust yet respectful dialogue about the wide variety of forms of contemporary propaganda that surround us in our cultural environment.




Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda resulted from a collaboration between Renee Hobbs and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in developing educational programming and resources to support the special exhibition, State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda. At the Museum, David Klevan led the website initiative. At the Media Education Lab, Renee Hobbs, Kaylen Shimoda, Frank Baker, Jonathan Friesem, Sandy McGee and Lili Schlesser contributed to the development of the program. Special thanks to JoAnna Wasserman whose insight on propaganda (past and present) inspired us all. Web design and production services were provided by Night Kitchen Interactive.

European Commission

Mind over Media EU is a Media Literacy for All pilot project funded by DG Connect and sponsored by the Evens Foundation. The project is co-financed by European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology as part of the Pilot Project – Media Literacy For All Grant agreement no LC-00644630. 

Team members include: Joanna Krawczyk and Eva Van Passel, Evens Foundation (Belgium, Poland); Nicoleta Fotiade, Associata MediaWise Society (Romania); Sonja Hernesniem, Finnish Society of Media Education (Finland); Igor Kanizaj, Association for Media and Culture (Croatia); Maja Dobiasz, Center for Citizenship Education (Poland); Jo Weisz, StreetPress (France); Bert Pieters and Andy Demeulenaere, Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum (Belgium); and Renee Hobbs, Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island (USA). Learn more about our work. 

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