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How the Chinese government is using the image of a trusted doctor to encourage people to behave themselves to prevent the spread of the epidemic

Background Information
During the special period of COVID-19, it was very difficult to get people to follow the rule of partying less, staying at home and keeping a social distance, especially during China's most important traditional festival, the Chinese New Year, which is often a time to visit friends and relatives, but during this year's special period of cover-up, such a practice will undoubtedly increase the spread of the epidemic. While there is no guarantee that the mass media or government departments will be able to persuade everyone, Zhong Nanshan, a renowned anti-epidemic doctor in China who won the public's trust for his medical expertise during the SARS outbreak in 2000, has been thrust "centre stage" during this critical period. The government first publicised his outstanding contributions and professional achievements during the SARS outbreak through various media channels, as well as his serious yet amiable image, creating an image of a man close to the people and highly competent in his profession. Having won everyone's trust, Zhong's presence in the media is very appealing and convincing when he advocates that people should do their bit to prevent the spread of the epidemic at this particular time.
Of course, Zhong's medical skills are proven, yet an image that has been shaped by media packaging can be more effective in special circumstances. In my opinion, this is a positive example of political propaganda.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
I think this is a positive political propaganda. Because at such a special time, the government's anti-epidemic policy needs the cooperation of every citizen. And by creating a credible and positive image of a government that advocates citizens' compliance with their obligations, it is more effective than cold government regulations.


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