Thank you for participating in Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda!

The purpose of this site is to help people identify propaganda, recognize techniques being used to influence public opinion and behavior, and consider when propaganda may be dangerous. The Media Education Lab will publish examples of propaganda uploaded to this site which represent a variety of perspectives, address multiple issues, and which illustrate the four propaganda techniques discussed in the site.

Review and approval of submissions is a manual process. When your submission has been published and is available for viewing, you will receive a confirmation email.

Submissions to this site must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Stay on topic – all contributions to this page should be relevant to its stated purpose (see above).
  • Provide appropriate explanatory context for posted photos and video links (i.e., propaganda technique being used, purpose of the propaganda, and whether it is beneficial or harmful).
  • Be courteous. Do not use vulgarity or threaten or abuse others in your descriptions.
  • Challenge ideas and opinions, but refrain from attacks against individuals, groups, or nations.
  • Do not solicit or market products.


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