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I Don't Care

Background Information
This is a political cartoon that shows Melania and Donald Trump looking at people in cages. It is referring to the lack of empathy that POTUS and FLOTUS show for the immigrants trying to seek asylum in the United States.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
The political cartoon suggests that the President and his wife do not care about human rights.


  1. user-avatar
    Schuyler TenEyck
    Thu, 10/10/2019 - 16:08
    Schuyler TenEyck
    When I saw this political cartoon it immediately made an impact on me. The people are in cages and President Trump and his wife Melania are looking at them. It was horrible because it made me feel as though the pair were looking at the immigrants as if they were animals in a zoo. Their backs are inscribed with the words, "I really don't care. Do u?" and "Not even a little." These few words are so powerful because they truly do show how Donald and Melania feel about the people seeking asylum. They are so far removed emotionally that they could care less about these people. I feel as though they are move concerned with money and power than human rights. The intent of this ad was to activate emotion. I rated it as beneficial because the ad does just that. It brings to light a major issue. Do we really want to reelect someone who does not care about human rights?!

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