This is a tweet with the caption, “Look at this vaccine free utopia”. It has an attached image of a large room full of patients in iron lungs (Inclosed ventilators for polio patients) and nurses. Photo is presumably from the polio epidemic around 1916.



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Vaccine Free Utopia

Background Information
This image is of a tweet written by Bob Schooley, an American television producer and director. He wrote it on his personal Twitter account on 10/12/2021.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
I believe this image can be identified as propaganda because the use of the photo is very startling and anxiety provoking. The polio epidemic is a time many of us only grew up hearing stories about but seeing the image of the crowded hospital room full of ventilators recalls images of the overcrowded hospitals and ventilators we see now during the COVID-19 pandemic. @RSchooley likely understood that by posting this image coupled with the caption “Look at this vaccine free utopia” would remind people of the way we got past that prior pandemic-with vaccines. I think this post is beneficial because it can cause people too see a direct result of not having a vaccine. As of right now (10/15) the tweet has 4,973 retweets and 24.2K likes. If only a handful of people who saw this on their timeline paused to question their own doubts in getting vaccinated, then I think it was helpful.


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