Ad Shows Harm to Cambodian Child Brides



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Ad Shows Harm to Cambodian Child Brides

Background Information
This poster was displayed as an ad in Hong Kong's subway station, the MTR. It was paid for by Plan International Hong Kong and shows a Cambodian girl whose life can go in one of two directions: have a baby OR get an education. The ad says, "Dream Crushed, I am left with no choice." The campaign ultimately seeks to shed light on the problem of young girls in Cambodia being forced into marriage and motherhood and seeks for sponsorship (via donations) of the girls.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
First, it tugs at emotions because the girl in the ad is depicted as being forced to give up her education and her freedom of choice, which are highly valued in many cultures. The baby in her arms is cute and helpless and it seems like she really does not have a choice in the matter. Also, while forced marriage and motherhood is a problem in many parts of Southeast Asia, this poster simplifies a highly complicated cultural, social, and economic issue. This is a beneficial example of propaganda for the most part because it sheds light on a common social problem. However, it does not lead to understanding of the issue, rather potentially creates pity.


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