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Banning Telegraph in Iran

Background Information

This video clip has gone viral in Iran. In in a well-known clerical leader in northwestern Iran Hojotoleslam Ashghar Jodayi casually acknowledges using Telegram and Instagram on state TV. Telegram is illegal for Iranians to use, but many do so using a VPN. "Excuse me, sir, but Telegram has been filtered," the moderator responds as he bursts into laughter. Seemingly recognizing his verbal slip, the cleric quickly says he was of course referring to "that time" and jokes that his Telegram was not filtered. "If we're concerned about the damage from Telegram, blocking it is not the solution," he then says, adding that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has encouraged cyberactivities to confront "the enemy."
Technique Used
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This is propaganda because
The cleric is telling the public and political leaders that bans of social media platforms are ineffective. TV appearances like this is one way to influence both public opinion and policy in Iran.


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