How Websites with ‘Truth’ in their Names Mislead and Misinform



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Beware the Truth

Background Information
From NewsGuard: Websites containing “truth” in their name are among the most prolific spreaders of misinformation on the internet, according to an analysis of website Trust Scores in NewsGuard’s database.

Of the 55 websites containing the word “truth” in their names (URLs) in NewsGuard’s database, NewsGuard analysts found that 89 percent — 49 websites — repeatedly publish false or egregiously false information. The average Trust Score across all the URLs containing “truth” is 15/100. Websites with such a low score come with a NewsGuard warning to news consumers: “Proceed with Maximum Caution: This website is unreliable because it severely violates basic journalistic standards.”

Some of the lowest rated “truth” websites include: (Trust Score: 12.5/100): The site, which says its mission is “to eradicate cancer,” repeatedly promotes ineffective, unproven, and dangerous treatments for cancer, including cannabis and moringa, an herb native to Africa and Asia. The site is owned by TTAC Publishing, LLC, a privately held company based in Nevada.
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This is propaganda because
Websites with ‘Truth’ in their mames can mislead and misinform. Often, they promote propaganda for a product or treatment and hide the real intentions of the "truth" they peddle.


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