Black children are an endangered species.



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Black Children Endangered

Background Information
This was a billboard in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. The billboard is sponsored by Georgia Right to Life, which was pushing legislation that aims to ban abortions based on the subject of race. They hoped that with the message, black women would "get outraged." As Atlanta's demographic is 1/3 Black Americans, they wanted to appeal on the emotions of fear and protection. As quoted from the article, research states, "Nationally, black women were more than three times as likely to get an abortion in 2006 compared with white women, according to the CDC."
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
It is bold, in your face, and hard to ignore. The wording is borderline disturbing, and it invokes a complete sense of fear and urgency. It does not come with any statistics and makes it sound like there is only one black-and-white answer/opinion to the issue. No other sub issues of abortion are mentioned. I think it is perhaps harmful because there are many women who need abortions - regarding race or not. To include race, if Black women cannot afford to have children because of economic inequality, perhaps that is the first issue there. It is also harmful because of miseducation - Black individuals might be quick to believe that abortion is the cause for any struggles in the community, but it is not anywhere close when you look at the other issues.


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