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Fiery but mostly peaceful protests

Background Information
CNN falsely depicting the pillagers and anarchists as peaceful protesters
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This is propaganda because
Cnn has been an infamous source if spreading false information to the world. This is another great example of false information, another type of propaganda. This reporting that these protests are peaceful as he is standing in front of rioters and anarchists burning down the city of Kenosha.


  1. user-avatar
    Mon, 09/07/2020 - 13:17
    It is spreading false information of the BLM/Anitfa protesters depicting them as peacful protesters who want change but at the same time burning down cities, destroying buisnesses, looting and pilliaging their own towns. Nobody wants to call them Anarchists because they are afriad of hurting someones feelings, not everyone who protests is bad, I support the change for AA, but when you affliate yourselves with the people who want to tear down our country, thats something I cant get behind. The Protesters have killed more people than cops killed AA, but the news doesnt want to talk about that. Martin Luther KIng Jr, marched, not rioted. He was a republican, but everyone considers him to be a democrat, the man who killed him was a democrat, the people who started the K.K.K were democrats, everyone blames the repbulicans though, when they were the ones who brought an end to the CIvil War and brought the freeedom of AA all over the country. When you spread false information, its gets people all confused on whos wrong or whos rights. CNN and the other mainstream media outlets use this to their advantage, its how they get people to turn aganist one another, its how they divide a country, thats how they win.

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