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first name mohammed

Background Information
German newspaper Bild announces that the name chosen most often for newborn boys in Berlin is Mohammed.

From DW:
The researcher from the University of Leipzig acknowledged it's partly true that "Mohammed" has ascended the ranks of baby names due to growing immigrant communities in Germany. But it's also because it's tradition that families from the Arab world name at least one of their children after the Prophet Mohammed. "There is not a large pool of names to choose from, as is the case with German families," she said, pointing out that over half of all baby names registered in any given year in Germany are unique, and that the most popular baby names are at most between 2% and 3% of all newborns. The most popular name for boys in Berlin when all given names were taken into consideration was Alexander.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
it arouses fear of an overwhelming number of Muslims in Germany, and it is not even true.


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