The text asks, 'Are you willing for Hong Kong to spend one million Hong Kong dollars every 18 minutes to raise the children born to mainland parents?' The locusts symbolise the mainlanders which looking at the Hong Kong skyline.



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Hong Kong "Locust"

Background Information
The full-page ad in Hong Kong local newspaper Apple Daily was paid for by an online fund-raising campaign on Facebook and local site Hong Kong Golden Forum. They received more than 100,000 Hong Kong dollars from 800 donors in a week. It is because many mainland mothers come to Hong kong and give birth to obtain Hong Kong citizenship and the benefits that come along with it. Both of the parents are non-HongKongers. They strain local education and health-care system. Hong Kong tax-payers have to pay for their cost and are unable to use the resources. That's why HongKonger are so angry.
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
it describes Chinese visitors as locusts who swarm Hong Kong and drain the resources. The metaphor is insulting and discriminating Chinese visitors. It does not show respect.
The Wall Street Journal


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