2008, Presidential Candidate (at the time) HOPE poster published by Shepard Fairly (street artist, graphic designer, and activist)



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Background Information
in 2008, President-Elect Barak Obama and his campaign team, specifically, artist Shepard Fairley, who created this image and posted it to inspire Americans to vote for Obama in hopes for change and a renowned sense of hope for the future and what he could bring for this country.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
To me, this is not propaganda (all in the eyes of the beholder) but I know to many others, it is. I can see why this is a great example of propaganda because Obama's 2008 campaign run was all about inspiring change and being hopeful for what was to come in his possible four years in the White House. The image itself was created to spark and activate an emotional response, but a positive one. Often times when we see political ads, they are using the tactic of attacking their opponent through propaganda, but this one was solely for him and his campaign. The goal of his campaign and Presidency was to restore faith in ourselves, our neighbors, our communities and each other and I relly believe that this was a very impactful and successful use of this tactic.
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