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It's About Power and Control

Background Information
On March 4, 2021, Judge Jeanine Pirro co-hosted on Fox News' The five, where she detailed her opinion on how the lockdowns and mask mandates are hurting the American people. She explains that "the American people know what they need to do to not get COVID", and that our businesses, dreams, and ambitions are being suffocated by the lockdowns because they are taking away the people's choice to take these precautions to not get or spread COVID.

She focuses on how the left is continuing to let COVID-Positive immigrants into the country, while also allowing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to place those with COVID into vulnerable nursing homes. While they are allowing these types of things to happen, which aren't helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, they are preaching to the American people to do the exact opposite of what they are doing themselves. This is where Judge Jeanine is using her platform to call out the hypocrisy of the Left.
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
This is propaganda because it is using information from a biased conservative nature to publicize the Right's political cause against lockdowns and mask mandates. This segment on The Five is calling the Left's legitimacy and credibility into question over why they are really promoting lockdowns and mask mandates. Judge Jeanine attacks her opponents, saying that they are using these mandates as a way to control the American people, rather than to protect them and stop the spread of the virus. This is directly causing political warfare over the necessity of wearing masks and staying home during the global pandemic. This can be harmful and dangerous depending on how people are interpreting her ideas. Following these ideas could actually hurt progress to stop the spread of COVID-19 because it is turning precautions suggested by science into political control tactics.
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  1. user-avatar
    WIlliam M
    Sun, 03/07/2021 - 23:57
    WIlliam M
    this propaganda is designed to feed off the people's insecurities of the new president, as well as causes people to have worries about the new president.

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