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killers vs survivors

Background Information
Usually what I see are terrible attempts to relate to one side, this game used to be mostly split between the survivor side and the killer side, neither side was ever truly happy. The people who handle this game (development wise) are newcomers when it comes to balancing a game. its an asymmetrical game so it can never truly be balanced, so when things aren't perfect and the different sides have their own struggles, they resort to complaining and attacking the other sides (usually to complain that one side has it easier than the other and its not fair). This mini conflict has gone on for a while, but isn't nearly as severe as before, with this split fanbase, they make crappy memes to relate with each other that only pertain to one another, sort of leaving groups out to make them want to join their side.The attached files are examples of the sort of hidden propaganda people make for their sides to make people want to fit in and get the jokes, this fight for popularity has a purpose and I think its an interesting kind of hidden thing behind a game that usually even the people participating don't notice.
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
It is getting people to sort of choose a side, these stupid memes can be used to influence one side to be patriotic to their side, and the EXTREME ones to attack the other. Whatever side is more prominent in this game's community will and have been listened to, and influence the game makers with whatever balancing decisions they make. In short what ever side has more complaining is the one that is catered to. This example in the youtube link is killers passively complaining how easy it is for survivors to play the game in a form of a edit,
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