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Middle Finger Politics in Israel

Background Information
In the Israeli election, one political party attacked other candidates with Photoshopped images of them giving the middle finger, saying:“This time, don’t vote for politicians who will give you the finger in return,” the posters read, playing on the fact that the words for “to vote” and “to point” are the same in Hebrew. The posters are the work of the new Yashar party, which is running on a platform that includes giving citizens the ability to influence lawmakers’ daily decision-making through a smartphone app. The party erected 400 signs in prominent locations around Israel. “The ‘middle finger’ campaign is making waves throughout the country,” a Yashar spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post. “The public is responding to it, because we all know this is the truth. The politicians don’t care about us.... Most of us don’t have who to vote for.”
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
Attacking opponents with Photoshopped images is unethical propaganda. Harmful.


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