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Operation Occupy the Capitol

Background Information
The Tech Transparency Project, a non-partisan non-profit, tracked posts such as this one that urged people to rally at the capitol for weeks before Trump's Facebook account was disabled. The group published several findings, including:
--A pro-Trump Facebook group required prospective members to declare if they would be willing to die for their country in order to join, in what may be a sign of growing extremism.
--Calls to “occupy Congress” were rampant on Facebook in the weeks leading up to the deadly Capitol riot, making no secret of the event's aims. Two different “occupy” event listings were written in a Nazi-style font and began circulating on Facebook in December.
Many of these were private groups on Facebook.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
These facebook posts, one of which is displayed here, uses charged symbolism such as flags, Nazi script, and "don't tread on me" flags to urge people to go the capital on Jan 6th. The article includes posts from several of these FB groups, including "#Stop the Steal," the Ohio Patriot Action Network, Patriots Unite, and Florida Patriots. It is notable how often patriotism is invoked on these posts; some also mention weapons and ammunition.


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