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Patriot Purge

Background Information
This is an excerpt from the Tucker Carlson "Patriot Purge" documentary that that features Ali Alexander, who was involved in the Stop the Steal movement and the January 6th insurrection. It depicts the "March to Save America" to explain that the event was intended as a purely non-violent one that spiraled out of control. He was not involved in the insurrection but he is featured as an example of the legitimacy of this political action.

After this documentary aired, two conservative FOX commentators resigned.

This except was posted by a Japanese person, who said: This is an excerpt from the new main documentary by Tucker Carlson of Fox News. The story of Ali Alexander, who hosted the 1/6 rally, reminds us that it was physically impossible for supporters who were fanned by President Trump's speech to invade Congress. increase. It shows how the supporters who had moved to the Capitol without listening to the speech followed suit so that they would not escalate. It seems that the main story cannot be seen directly from Japan because it is outside the scope of the region. Again, the content is strict as it is, so I would like to devise so that I can introduce it little by little. Some of the images with radical depictions have been replaced. Please note. As usual, the subtitles are arbitrarily added here. It is a translation based on personal interpretation, so please forgive me if there is something wrong with it.

1/6のラリーを主催したAli Alexander氏の当日の様子の話では、トランプ大統領のスピーチを聞いて煽られたサポーターたちが議会に侵入したという話が物理的に不可能だったことが改めてわかります。スピーチを聞かずに議事堂へ移動していたサポーターたちがエスカレートしないよう、後を追っていった様子が収められています。


Technique Used
Simplify Ideas
This is propaganda because
It is aiming to alter or reinforce people's interpretation of the rally as merely a political action to address what Trump supports called a "rigged election."


  1. user-avatar
    Nay Nay
    Mon, 11/22/2021 - 17:22
    Nay Nay
    Harmful-- while this man was part of the January 6th protest, he is being misrepresented as someone who embodies the protesters, when he was an outlier. His race and ethnicity is being shamelessly used to "prove" that the Stop the Steal rally was not a convergence of white nationalist and white supremacists, along with white militia groups. This segment could distort people's understanding of the protest by leading them to see it as more peaceful than it turned out to be.

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