This is an image of Trump saying "bad things happen in Philadelphia"



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Philadelphia where bad things happen

Background Information
This was a piece that ran on CNN but was reposted by some person named mickeymorley, I used this image as I have seen it a number of times on Instagram and Facebook. It appeared on September 29, 2020. When Trump was during the Presidential Debate. Here is a person just using this piece to try and "stoke the fire" and use as a piece of propaganda around Philadelphia
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
The propaganda in question is primarily designed to invoke and exploit emotional responses. It is notable for its seemingly unrelated reference to a presidential debate while the individual was in the vicinity, making an off-cuff statement about the (BLM) movement that had occurred earlier in the year. The intention behind such an act appears to be the arousal of strong emotions in the audience. By framing the reference within the context of a Democratic city and state, the propagandist seems to be fostering fearmongering around these political affiliations. It's worth noting that despite the apparent detachment from the presidential debate, the individual ultimately won the state in the election.

The fact that this reference has become a symbol of pride for some in Philadelphia is a noteworthy development. The local authorities have adopted this slogan on welcoming signs in the city. The piece can be interpreted as a symbol of unity or an embrace of a shared sentiment. However, it could also be seen as a form of cultural or political signaling, with the potential to deter or unnerve outsiders. The uncertainty regarding its true intent - whether it's meant to attract or repel - adds an element of ambiguity and complexity to this propaganda.

In essence, the use of emotionally charged slogans and symbols within this propaganda piece seeks to polarize and engage the audience's emotions rather than promote a rational and nuanced discussion. The varied responses to this propaganda reflect its multi-faceted nature and the potential for different interpretations.


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