Side by side pictures of a white man (left) and a black man (right) with the caption,"The one on the left walked into a church with a gun, and shot up several churchgoers.  The uproar is yet to die down.  The one on the right walked into a church and shot up several churchgoers. We're yet to hear a word from the media."



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A Tale of Two Shooters

Background Information
The white man is Dylann Roof who opened fire in a black church in South Carolina in June of 2015 killing 9 and injuring 3. The black man is Emanuel Kidega Samson who opened fire inside a church in Tennessee in Sept 2017 killing one white woman and injuring 7. The image headlines a story on the Federalist Papers website entitled, "Media Hypocrisy on Mass Shootings Summed Up By One Brutal Meme" where an unnamed author speculates as to the reasons for the differences in how the media treated each of these crimes. From their About Us page: "The mission of The Federalist Project is to get people the power that knowledge gives to motivate them to push back at the erosion of our liberties and restore constitutionally limited small government."
Technique Used
Simplify Ideas
This is propaganda because
The image serves to equate the two events without context. It doesn't allow for the audience to learn about the degree of injury caused or stated motivations of each individual. It merely serves to imply the media portrayal is solely an issue of race in the absence of other factors.
The Federalist Papers Website


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