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Teachers Pay

Background Information
This meme was found on my Facebook. It shows that teachers cannot deduct the money they spend for their students but that, thanks to the Trump tax cut, business executives can deduct the cost of the private jet.
Technique Used
Attack Opponents
This is propaganda because
It positions teachers as victims and business executives as villains and this promotes "us-versus-them" thinking that overrides critical analysis.


  1. user-avatar
    Shaylynn Frazon
    Fri, 10/11/2019 - 19:22
    Shaylynn Frazon
    This meme strikes close to home for me. My sister is a teacher and a lot of her school supplies that she provides in her classroom is paid for right out of her own pocket. I think that this piece of propaganda is pretty effective in what it is trying to do. This meme is a piece of propaganda that attacks opponents and tries to create a feeling of sympathy for school teachers and related to the school teachers, students as well. I definitely think that this piece of propaganda is more beneficial than harmful. It might be because I have the belief that we need to ensure that our students and educators have the best resources possible but I think that makes this propaganda positive. The fact that this particular piece of propaganda is a meme though might actually be harmful. Meme's don't exactly encourage a person to think much deeper and then they usually get shared a bunch of times, so limited thinking plus sharing, if this meme's content was different I might view the piece of propaganda a lot differently than I am now.
  1. user-avatar
    John T
    Mon, 10/14/2019 - 01:01
    John T
    These facts are something I actually never knew. The fact that teachers are only allowed to take out $250 for school supplies is simply not enough. This means that teachers usually pay straight out of pocket for school supplies which is not fair. Teachers statistically do not get paid nearly enough for what they do for our society and the fact that they have to pay out-of-pocket for school supplies is something I don’t find fair. The business executives are obviously made to be the villains in this meme and that makes sense because there is definitely no need to deduct the full cost of a private jet. Plain and simple $250 is just not enough for teachers, who do so much for our society as it is.
  1. user-avatar
    Thu, 10/24/2019 - 18:18
    I can't effectively decide whether this meme is beneficial or harmful due to lack of information about tax laws for owners of private jets...I don't know any of those individuals. As a teacher, I know the $250 tax deduction is real...

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