Twitter Over Tolstoy



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Twitter Over Tolstoy

Background Information
This was published on the DAILY SIGNAL, a publication of the Heritage Foundation, a think tank with the mission of formulating and promoting conservative public policies. They offer a critique of a recent position statement published by the National Council of Teachers of English.

The article states: " If one leftist teachers group gets its way, reading literature in school will be replaced by reading internet memes and Twitter posts. A powerful group of educators called the National Council of Teachers of English recently released a statement calling on schools to “decenter book reading and essay writing as the pinnacles of English language arts education. But why? To more thoroughly push its leftist ideology, of course."

The writer acknowledges that students should be able to tell when an outlet is lying or stretching the truth and be able to parse between opinion and fact.
Technique Used
Simplify Ideas
This is propaganda because
This article distorts the actual argument made in the position statement. They are using the NCTE's work to wage the "culture wars" by positioning conservatives as righteous warriors preserving children from dangerous teachers and their radical ideas.


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