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War on Christmas

Background Information
When Starbucks revealed their holiday cup in 2015 as plain red as opposed to the normal "Christmas" decorative cup it sparked outrage all over. Religious groups were accusing Starbucks of hating Jesus, saying that employees were not allowed to tell customers Merry Christmas, and it was even called the War on Christmas. Starbucks released a statement saying that the cup change was just about simplicity and nothing more and that Starbucks is a sanctuary and safe place during the holiday season.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
For many groups of people this image activates some sort of emotion, whether that be anger at Starbucks if they believe they removed images in a way to remove religion from the holiday cup, or from people who found the whole controversy to be ridiculous because it's really just a cup.


  1. user-avatar
    Zebra the hamburger
    Fri, 04/17/2020 - 23:07
    Zebra the hamburger
    I think that it is harmful if only one holiday and all of the others are ignored.

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