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Branding sexiste

On 2 September 2016, the Advertising Ethics Jury received a complaint from an individual asking him to rule on the compliance with the ethical rules in force of an advertisement posted on the Internet, in favor of advertising. company Sdez, to promote its website rental and maintenance of linen. This advertisement presents the image of three women, smiling, accompanied by the text " Our moms in your premises! Our mission - we deliver and maintain fresh linen and quality hygiene equipment. The complainant considers that this advertising, by associating the woman, in this case "the mothers", with the tasks of care, maintenance and hygiene of the linen, and the man with the tasks of logistics, of physical work and of transport, vehicle deliberately, and as if it were obvious, a retrograde vision of the roles man / woman.
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The company's logo associates taking care of linens as essentially female.


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