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Madhappy and University of Pennsylvania

Background Information
Peiman Raf, co owner of clothing brand Madhappy, uploaded image of letter from University of Pennsylvania on OCT. 17, 2021 for World Mental Health Day. The letter states that Madhappy made a donation to U Penn's Positive Psychology Center to continue its research and work to promote student mental health. The research grant funds from Madhappy are stated to continue the expansion of scientific studies on mental health thanks to Madhappy.
Technique Used
Activate Emotion
This is propaganda because
This example illustrates "Activating Emotions" by presenting hope and sympathy towards the University of Pennsylvania of furthering research and expanding scientific studies on Mental Health issues. The letter draws in emotion and is relatable by mentioning recent world events that have increased mental stress, and the need for improved and affordable mental health wellness programs. The letter then mentions positive work and steps the university has taken to intervene and reduce stress for college students. Finally, the last paragraph gives credit to clothing brand Madhappy, and thanks them for the support and grant money for further research.

The letter touches the emotions of people who can relate to mental health problems, as well has give people a positive outlook on the brand Madhappy, and know that their consumer dollar is going towards positive research.


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