Its title is about "parents do not want their children grow up so fast, buy Ocean Park Annual Pass when children still love to hang out and play with them." "Buy Annual Pass would get two more extra free entrance tickets" is stated under the picture.



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Ocean Park Annual Pass Campaign

Background Information
Sometimes, parents do not want their children grow up too fast, because they love to stick with parents when they are young only. Ocean Park Annual
pass creates unforgettable experience and memories for a family by visiting Ocean Park few times per year.
Technique Used
Simplify Ideas
This is propaganda because
It simplifies the idea by just using a few words to promote Ocean Park Annual Pass. Those words warmly remind parents to cherish the time with children. When they grow up, they have their own friends and family. They may not want to go to Ocean Park with their parents anymore. Just seize the moment now.
Ocean Park


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