Graphic of child sick in arms of woman while people give a thumbs up

Beoordeel: is dit een voorbeeld van nuttige propaganda? Of is het schadelijk?


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Liking is Helping

This ad is part of China-based charity Crisis Relief Singapore's recent ad campaign “Liking Isn’t Helping". It depicts a mother and her suffering child surrounded by first-world hands offering them a "thumbs-up".
Gebruikte techniek
Activate Emotion
Dit is propaganda omdat
The ad mocks “Facebook Philanthropy,” a phenomenon where social media users simply ‘like’ and ‘share’ information on world crises. It seeks to illicit real, strong emotions- enough for viewers to really take action which is extremely beneficial.


  1. user-avatar
    Thu, 03/10/2016 - 23:50
    it creates strong emotion because it shows a mother carrying a child that looks heart. the thumbs show that liking is not helping because there is like but nothing is done about it. it also makes the people using Facebook feel guilty.

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