reclaim America

Beoordeel: is dit een voorbeeld van nuttige propaganda? Of is het schadelijk?


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Reclaim America

Patriot Front has avoided using traditional or explicit white supremacist language and symbols in their propaganda, opting for the more palatable red, white and blue aesthetics of “Patriot Nationalism” to promote its white supremacist ideology. Despite the effort to control their outward facing brand, the private use of antisemitic, racist and bigoted slurs - evident in their recently leaked chatrooms – show the continued presence of the group’s neo-Nazi roots. In 2021, Patriot Front demonstrated its true colors via hate-driven campaigns and activities, including the destruction of Black Lives Matter statues and murals, stealing and burning pro-diversity and pro-LGBTQ yard signs and flags and distributing propaganda at Jewish institutions.
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Dit is propaganda omdat
It promotes feelings of belonging and loyalty to one's race in ways that advance people's sense of racial superiority. Dangerous.


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