Beoordeel: is dit een voorbeeld van nuttige propaganda? Of is het schadelijk?


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It aimed to reach a large group of people, strived to encourage consumers to purchase the company's products, and did not encourage individual thought. It's harmful because it worsened body image issues.
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Dit is propaganda omdat
This is a Carl's Jr ad featuring bikini model Nina Ngdal that surfaced in 2013.


  1. user-avatar
    Michaela Vispo
    Wed, 02/14/2018 - 21:59
    Michaela Vispo
    This ad is portraying an extremely thin woman eating a cheeseburger while still laying naked on the beach. The burger company is trying to tell people that you can still eat their food while looking amazing. They are putting this out their to deceive and trick people into buying more of their food. I would say that this ad is harmful because for people that see this ad, especially young girls or people with body issues all they are seeing is a beautiful woman eating unhealthy but still being able to look like that, when if they tried to do that as well they would not have the same results and could lead to mental or health problems.
  1. user-avatar
    Thu, 03/29/2018 - 19:36
    i like how controversial this is trying to put out a message that you can be skinny and eat junk food

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