The image shows the homepage of the Greater Bay Area website, where the slogan "城市互聯互通" meaning connectivity between cities is shown.

Beoordeel: is dit een voorbeeld van nuttige propaganda? Of is het schadelijk?


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城市互聯互通 Connectivity between Cities

The HK government is using slogan of "城市互聯互通" (Connectivity between Cities) to promoted the Greater Bay Area project that would link up the special administrative regions with 9 other mainland China cities. The Greater Bay Area is spearheaded by Beijing and is aimed at creating a network of cooperation among the involved cities.
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Dit is propaganda omdat
The slogan 城市互聯互通 (Connectivity between Cities) severely simplifies the actual agenda of the Greater Bay Area. Certainly, that is what the government insists is the aim of the project, but the term "cities" subtly considers the 2 special administrations regions (Hong Kong and Macau) a mainland city like the 9 other involved cities.
One of the greatest worries that Hong Kong citizens have towards this development plan is whether Beijing would seize the opportunity to mainland-ize HKSAR.

It is slightly harmful because the slogan itself is trying to instil a certain way of looking at Hong Kong and the other involved cities, whether this was intentional or not, and may also fool audiences outside Hong Kong who are less familiar with the socio-political climate in Hong Kong and HK-mainland relations.
Hong Kong government webpage for the Greater Bay Area development project


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