propaganda that you encounter in daily life

Beoordeel: is dit een voorbeeld van nuttige propaganda? Of is het schadelijk?


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Propaganda that you encounter in daily life - Carolyn Salvatelli

All I had to do to find this propaganda/ad was go on Facebook. Within 30 seconds of scrolling through my News Feed I saw this ad. This is an ad for a online store, I bought one thing from, last year.
Gebruikte techniek
Respond to Audience Needs
Dit is propaganda omdat
it is using the "respond to audience needs" technique. Adika is an all online store that I bought a sweatsuit (sweatshirt and matching sweatpants) from last year. Since, my computer data, credit card information and the FBI agents (or government) who are listening in through our electronic devices know that I shopped there they are using the ad to prompt me to shop at Adika again. They capitalize the word "SALE" so my eyes will go to that and want to shop because it's a sale. They use the image of a girl wearing a cute, comfy outfit in hopes that I will want to be cute and comfy like her. They also have a button that says "SHOP NOW" so if i click it it brings me directly to the site, which makes it even easier, for the customer. I think it is beneficial for Adika due to the fact that they know I have online shopped there before so I will probably do it again. It is not necessary harmful, except to my bank account (haha).


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    Jeff Santos
    Wed, 09/30/2020 - 00:36
    Jeff Santos
    I definitely can relate to this example. Anytime I'm on google on my phone shopping or something and then scroll Instagram I will see ads for what I was just looking at on Google.

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