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"Who am I?" Chinese Communist Party's First Public Service TV Ad

This is an advert to celebrate the 95th anniversary of China's Communist Party, it is produced by CCTV as the party's first public service TV ad. 
The advert is in Chinese and the rough translation line by line will be presented below:
Who am I?
How am I as a person?
Perhaps you've never thought of it.
I'm the last one to leave.
I'm the earliest one who starts work.
I'm the one who thinks about myself the least.
I'm the one that holds on to the very end.
I'm the fastest one to act.
I'm the who helps everyone.
I am the Chinese Communist Party.
Always with you till the end.
Technique utilisée
Activate Emotion
Pourquoi est-ce un message d'influence?
-This is propaganda because it appeals to the human emotion. The video depicts hard working and selfless individuals working through their day. The tone of the narration and the actions the people are doing make it seem like whatever the service they're providing, is noble and right. It appeals to emotion because it makes you feel very safe and comforted. Almost like you owe your comfort and whatever lifestyle you're having to the Chinese Communist Party and what the party members have done for you. And the soft toned narration and relaxing music all work to reinforce that sense of comfort. Implicit in this, and it also very directly says at the end of the ad, it says it's all thanks to the Chinese Communist Party, as it hints that all those hard working, selfless individuals all work and believe in the Chinese Communist Party. And that you should aspire to be like them. 

-However, this propaganda only portrays the selfless nobility the Chinese Communist Party wants their people to have and only shows the positive side of this ideology and political order. And doesn't show how this came to be, what historical events have contributed to this, as well as what the Chinese Communist Party has done to their people. Since there are various criticisms around the world regarding a communist regime, and numerous news outlets reporting on what Communist China has done, regarding the issues of freedom and human rights. And in this ad only portrays the perfect civil order with picture perfect citizens that you "should" aspire to be.

-This is largely propaganda because it's produced by the government and the government operated and owned TV channel CCTV. Therefore, the ads and programs on the show, would be in favor of the government. Hence, wouldn't have any material that goes against the Chinese Communist Party. Making whatever's broadcasted on this news channel very one sided and in favor of the government.
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